For the World to Live Together
2015-05-04 16:34:48
For the World to live together.pdf

For the World to Live Together


This brochure is introducing about  Saemaul Undong in Korea 


Date of issue : uncertain

Page : 20

Language : English

Editor : Saemaul Undong Center

Contents :  .Saemaul Undong Movement is a community movement to live well

                      .Saemaul Undong Movement implants self-confidence that we can do everything

                      .Saemaul Undong Movement goal is to establish a Neo-village, Neo-spririt, Neo-country

                      .Saemaul Undong Movement has high reputation domestically and internationally

                      .Saemaul Undong Movement will be there together for building proud country and unification

                      .Saemaul Undong Movement is the biggest voluntary group 2.3million members takes part in

                      .Saemaul Undong Movement is a civilized movement that everybody takes part in