[November 17th, 2016] The Fiji Ambssador to Korea visited Korea Saemaul Undong Center
2016-11-22 16:13:45

H.E Filimonekau, the Fiji ambassador to Kroea, and his fellow workers visited Korea Saemaul Undong Center on last 17th. He has been interested in Saemaul Undong by studying it since he has worked as the first Fiji ambassador to Korea in 2012.



20 people from Fiji have participated in the Saemaul Undong Training to date starting from 2009. After the trainees returned to their country, they have enjoyed considerable success in environment improvement project, mind-set change project and income generating project. Also, they will plan to spread these project to 500 villages in Fiji as a kind of national policy object by expanding them next year.


The ambassador said, "I really hope to provide full political support for Saemaul Undong by establishing Saemaul Undong organization as like Kroea. Thats why I propose mutual cooperation between us."