[June 2nd, 2022] Korea Saemaul Undong Center signed a business agreement with Sharing and Technologies Incorporated
2022-06-08 18:25:50

Korea Saemaul Undong Center(Presidetn YUM Hong Chul) and Sharing and Technologies Incorporated(co-representative LEE Kwang-il) signed a business agreement on June 2nd (Thursday) to support the convergence of the Saemaul Spirit with science and technology in developing countries.

‘Sharing and Technologies Incorporated’ corporation is a cooperative organization that uses its scientific and technological expertise to supply and support Appropriate Technologies needed by neighbors in need around the world, and to spread a science and technology culture with the spirit of sharing among young people in science and engineering field.

'Appropriate Technology' is a technology that is designed to enable continuous production and consumption in the region considering the political, cultural, and environmental conditions of the social community in which the technology is used, and is a technology that can ultimately imporve the quality of human life. Such as 'hand-operated generator' and 'electricity-free water purifier' are representative Appropriate Technologies.

The two organizations decided to cooperate with each other mainly on ways to support underprivileged areas or the underprivileged, nurture talent for sustainable development, and practice global sharing.

At the business agreement ceremony, President YUM Hong Chul said that we should strive to create a global village where coexistence can be achieved by building regional developments and self-reliance of developing countries. In order to make this change, Korea Saemaul Undong Center will pass on the Saemaul Spirit of Diligence, Self-help and Cooperation, and ‘Sharing and Techonologies Incorporated’ will support and disseminate Appropriate Technologies for the world’s poorest neighbors.