[May 13th, 2022] Korea Saemaul Undong Center held the Inauguration Ceremony of National Association of University Saemaul Clubs
2022-05-16 10:31:25

The 'National Association of University Saemaul Clubs Inauguration Ceremony' was held at 13:00 on the 13th (Friday) at the Korea Saemaul Undong Center Auditorium hosted by Saemaul Undong Center (President YUM Hong Chul) and sponsored by the Ministry of the interior and Safety(Minister Lee Sang-min).

The Inauguration Ceremony was held under the theme of 'Unfolding dreams together through University Saemaul Club' with 450 domestic and foreign guests in attendance.

YUM Hong Chul, the President of Korea Saemaul Undong Center said, 'I hope all members to have a high sense of pride and sense of duty as University Saemaul Club Activities are great and reverent works that make our village, our society, and eventually Korea livable communities.'

Currently, the Association of University Saemaul Clubs consists of 1,700 members in 49 universities across the country. 

Also, there was the Iaugural General Meeting at the 4th lecture hall of the Center today with representatives of each university Saemaul Club. In the Meeting, Yeungnam University's Park Jun-young was elected as the first President of National Association of University Saemaul Clubs.