[Apr. 25th, 2022] 2022 Saemaul Undoing Training for Senior Civil Servants in Angola
2022-04-26 14:01:25

Korea Saemaul Undong Center conducts  Saemaul Undong Training for 5 high-ranking public officials under the Vice President of the Angola government from the 25th (Mon) to the 27th (Wednesday), for 3 days and 2 nights.

Starting with an interview with the President YUM Hong Chul held at the meeting room of the Center on the 25th, high-ranking officials in Angola will learn about Korea Saemaul Undong by visiting Saemaul Museum and Saemaul Centers in local areas in Korea. 

On April 26th, Senior Civil Servants in Angola will visit Paju City Saemaul Undong Center to experience such Kimchi Sharing Activity, and on 27th Hoengseong County Saemaul Undong Center to visit Recycling Center in Hoengseong County.