[July 11-16 2019] Tanzania, Philippines Saemaul training (Invitation)
2019-11-18 14:49:30

Korea Saemaul Undong Centre (SMU centre) carried out the Saemaul Undong training for Tanzanian, Philippines from 11th  to 16th July 2019.

This program was prepared for the dissemination of the global village movement by learning the basic theory of life-saving Saemaul movement, the role of the leader, and the building capacity of government officials.

It helped to share their experiences in developing villages with Saemaul project. 

I hope to all trainees will be able to understand Saemaul Undong and build an eco-friendly society by staging Saemaul Undong, which takes into account the natural and based on conditions on your country.  said Chung Sung-hun, president of the SMU centre.

In the picture, SMU president addresses welcome speech.

In the picture, Trainees from  Tanzania and Philippine take a pose at the opening ceremony.

In the picture, Trainees from Philippine share their idea for making an action plan.

In the picture, Trainees from  Tanzania share their idea for making an action plan.

In the picture, all trainees and SMU president took a commemorative photo. 

Commencement ceremony

SMU history museum

Commemorative photo