[January 27, 2018] Discussion on ways to expand Saemaul Undong in Jordan
2018-01-31 14:13:09

President SO, Jin Kwang. Ph. D. of Korea Saemaul Undong Center discussed the ways to expand Saemaul Undong in Jordan with district governor Ogap Sa'adeen, visiting Wadi-Araba district in Jordan on last 27(local time).

President SO, said South Korea which was one of the poorest countries in the world had risen to become the world's tenth-largest economy by instilling Saemaul Undong spirits of diligence, self-help, and cooperation, and practicing its principles. He added that community development comes before national development. Therefore, establishment of value chain through Saemaul Undong would contribute to achieving community development, national development of Jordan, and global co-prosperity in the future.

To this, the governor Sa'adeen replied I deeply empathize with the spirits and the principles of Saemaul Undong which is a successful experience of Korea. He also said Wadi-Araba district has a lot of local problems which has to be solved such as sewage and drain system. We, district government will fully support the villagers so that they can identify the problems and resolve them on their own by following the principles of Saemaul Undong. 

Next, President SO, visited the branch of Jordan Health Aid Society in Wadi-Araba and cucumber greenhouse farms. He looked around the local sites and discussed the ways to create value chains with the local residents.