[December 4, 2017] The 1st Annual Saemaul Stakeholders Workshop in Uganda
2018-01-12 17:07:55


The Uganda Saemaul Undong Center (led by President Steven Barozi) hosted the 1st Annual Saemaul Stakeholders Workshop for the 100 key stakeholders of local Saemaul Undong projects on December 4 (local time). The workshop was designed to strengthen cooperation between participants of local Saemaul Undong projects (such as the Uganda Saemaul Center, local governments, and the UNDP) and seek establishment of a collaborative structure.


The workshop was conducted in the following sequence: Governance and the Possibilities of Saemaul Undong (Asumta from the Ministry of Local Government, the official in charge of Saemaul Undong), Saemaul Undong, the Seed of Global Peace (President SO, Jin Kwang. Ph. D. of Korea Saemaul Undong Center), Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals through Localization of Saemaul Undong (Asumta), Uganda's Role and Strategy for the SGL (Ruyoka Antony, a Saemaul member), and Village Development Strategies (Jeong-tae Yun, the Secretary of the Korean Embassy in Uganda). 

In his special lecture, entitled Saemaul Undong, the Seed of Global Peace, President SO said, War is the denial of the existence of others. Not only is war the act of attacking others with firearms, underpricing the agricultural products of developing countries through unfair trade practices can also be regarded as an act of war because it denies the justifiable existence of others. He continued, The Saemaul Undong Global League, or the SGL, that was organized last year aims at creating and managing a new economic order by which the products of our member countries are traded at fair prices through employment of a value chain strategy, which involves creating such value chains between member countries and weaving them together to create global value chians. Korea Saemaul Undong Center will be strenuous and steady in its efforts to integrate the value chains of each member country into our global value chain, to share the seed of peace with citizens around the world and make it grow. In addition, President Steven Barozi of the Uganda Saemaul Undong Center, which hosted the workshop said, Saemaul Undong will change the lives of future generations of our country. I hope everyone here will take part in Saemaul Undong for the bright future of our children and global peace.  


On the same day, marking the 1st Annual Saemaul Stakeholders Workshop, President SO had interviews with local media,such as UBC Radio, the Daily Monitor, and New Vision, about examples of Saemaul Undong localization in Uganda. He made an appearance on a special live show hosted by Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) to explain the background, process, and results of Saemaul Undong, and to share the development potential of the movement in Uganda.