Recruitment of Global Saemaul Undong Coordinators for 2018
2018-01-08 14:27:53

☐ Summary of Recruitment Plan 


○ Recruiter: Korea Saemaul Undong Center

○ Number of positions available: one per country

(could be two, depending on the activity level of the given country)

○ Number of countries: 11 (countries in cooperative relations with Korea)


- Asia (7): Mongolia, Nepal, Timor Leste, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia

- Oceania (1): Papua New Guinea

- Africa (3): Uganda, Tanzania, and Burundi


○ Employment period: 10 months (March 1, 2018 ~ December 31, 2018)


○ Starting time: March 2018 (scheduled)

○ Roles and Responsibilities of a Saemaul Undong Coordinator

- Advise local villagers on Saemaul Undong projects

- Monitor Saemaul Undong project sites regularly or as needed (regarding execution of project budget)

- Select and nominate Saemaul Undong trainees through cooperation with the Korean embassy, local government, and villagers

- Keep records of the performance and progress of the Saemaul Undong projects in each village (including guidance on project budget execution)

- Cultivate local Saemaul Undong organizations and provide advice regarding their management 

- Submit a Saemaul Udong activity report every month and other reports as needed to the Korea Saemaul Undong Center

- Provide support for other matters upon the request of the Korea Saemaul Undong Center and related organizations in Korea

- Conduct Saemaul Undong training and promotional activities for local residents


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