[December 3, 2017] Visit to self-generated SMU model villages
2018-01-12 17:03:13


On December 3 (local time), President SO, Jin Kwang. Ph. D. of Korea Saemaul Undong Center paid visits to projects sites and conversed with the community members of self-generated SMU model villages of Kangulumira and Seeta, Uganda, which have been promoting Saemaul Undong since 2015. These two SMU model villages were of great significance in that they have developed themselves without outside support by adopting the spirit and methods of Saemaul Undong since 2015, with mobile school, the Saemaul Undong circuit training program, and Saemaul model village projects.


Edward Muzi Mugenyi, the Saemaul leader in Kangulumira district said, We village members have recognized the importance and value of cooperation through Saemaul Undong and are now well aware that one plus one can generate more than two. He mentioned that They are leading development of the village through various income generation projects such as production and sales of dried fruit, mats, bags, and baskets with the village funds as seed money.


In addition, on December 2 (local time), President SO visited the Korean Embassy in Uganda and met withAmbassador Park, Jong Dae to discuss ways to vitalize Saemaul Undong in Uganda.