[October 20, 2017] President of the Senate of the Republic of Burundi visited KSC
2017-11-02 18:48:39


President H.E. Reverien NDIKURIYO of the Senate of the Republic of Burundi visited Korea Saemaul Undong Center(KSC) and had a meeting with President SO, Jin Kwang. Ph. D. of KSC on October 20.


President H.E. Reverien NDIKURIYO said “Government policies would not be achieved without strengthening the ability of villages. In that, I would like to praise Saemaul Undong and I hope people in Burundi also would strengthen their ability by sharing the experience of Saemaul Undong in Korea.” 


To this, President SO, in his response, explained “If Burundi makes various success cases of Saemaul Undong, many people from different countries will visit Burundi to benchmark the cases. Furthermore, younger generations between Korea and Burundi will cooperate with each other to help other developing countries through it.”