[August 26, 2017] Breakfast meeting to discuss effective connection and cooperation in Fiji
2017-09-04 15:16:31


President SO, Jin Kwang of Korea Saemaul Undong Center had a meeting to discuss effective ways how to apply each country’s community development to Saemaul Undong on August 26, with Minister of Rural Development Jimson Fiau Tanangada of Solomon Islands and Deputy Secretary Anata Moote Korina of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kiribati, who attended Oceania SGL Seminar. 


Jimson Fiau Tanangada who got to know Saemaul Undong through the visit to Korea in 2015, said “The government of Solomon Islands would give full support to harmonize our own community development policies with Saemaul Undong and to expand it.”


Also, Anata Moote Korina said “Measures to apply Saemaul Undong to Kiribati’s traditional community activity called ‘Maneaba System, Unimwane system’ will be introduced at government level.”


“Korea Saemaul Undong Center will continuously communicate and support so that Solomon Islands and Kiribati can produce success cases of community development. I’m also looking forward to each country’s pivotal role in Saemaul Undong Global League(SGL) launched with 33 member countries in October last year,” commented President SO.