[June 27, 2017] Dominican Republic has solved different social problems through Saemaul Undong
2017-06-30 17:30:04


President SO, Jin Kwang of Korea Saemaul Undong Center learned social programs which have been implemented with Saemaul Undong approach and discussed roles of Saemaul Undong for relieving various social problems in Dominical Republic, meeting Vice-Minister Dr. Altagracia Suriel for Office of the Vice President in Dominican Republic on June 27.


Vice-Minister Dr. Altagracia Suriel said “There are urgent seven social problems including poverty, sanitation, and education.” She added “The government of Dominican Republic is planning social development by solving these problems through basic spirits of Saemaul Undong. For this, I sincerely hope to strengthen mutual cooperation with Korea Saemaul Undong Center.”


To this, President SO responded “I was so impressed that employees from Office of the Vice President applied Saemaul Undong approach to solving social problems in Dominican Republic such as broken family.” He added “In the near future, I would like to hear that Dominican Republic make the inclusive society by applying Saemaul Undong approach when residents recognize social problems in their community and find solutions for them.”