[April 10th, 2017] Sudan Ambassador to Korea visited Korea Saemaul Undong Center
2017-05-18 18:19:50



Mohamad Abdelaal, the ambassador of Sudan to Korea, visited Saemaul Undong Center to have a meeting with president SO, Jin Kwang. Ph. D. and discuss mutual cooperation method through Saemaul Undong.

At the meeting, the ambassador said “I believe Saemaul Undong of Korea is an amazing experience which will contribute to economic development of Sudan. I hope people in Sudan learn Saemaul Undong through invitational Saemaul Undong training and apply it to the country.”


Two villages in Khartoum, Sudan have been implementing Saemaul Undong since 2015 with participation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Social Welfare after they were designated as Saemaul pilot villages.


To this, President SO, in his response, explained that “Sudan is one of the member countries of Saemaul Undong Global League(SGL). To vitalize SGL, I request you to organize the Saemaul Undong Center in private sectors.” He added, “I’m sure Saemaul leaders from Sudan can restore their confidence by practicing Saemaul spirits and sharing their success cases to the world when they come back to their country after the training.”


Kim Dong Eok, the former ambassador to Sudan, described, “I had a great chance to talk about development process of Saemaul Undong and Saemaul spirits of diligence, self-help and cooperation.”