[April 3rd~7th, 2017] The Saemaul Undong Training for Instructors of SMU Training Center in Cambodia
2017-04-07 15:28:26


Korea Saemaul Undong Center(President SO, Jin Kwang. Ph. D.) organized the Saemaul Undong training for instructors of SMU Training Center in Cambodia at the Korea Saemaul Undong Central Training Institute from April 3rd to the 7th.


This training was held at the request of Institute of International Rural Development(IIRD) Kangwon National University. IIRD has been implementing the projects such as Saemaul policy consulting, drawing up master plan, establishing Saemaul Central Training Institute and promoting thirty pilot villages in three states for rural development of Cambodia.


Hun Bunra, the chief of Saemaul Undong Training Center in Cambodia, said “I’d like to make well-off Cambodia by cultivating competent Saemaul leaders through this training. For this, I will try to make great SMU Training Center which will go beyond Korea Saemaul Undong Central Training Institute.”