[November 24th, 2016] Mongolia Saemaul Undong Center holds Saemaul Leadership Forum
2016-11-30 17:54:08
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Mongolia Saemaul Undong Center held Mongolia Saemaul Leadership Forum(MSLF) on last 24th in the Blue Sky hotel, Mongolia. SO, Jin Kwang, the president of Korea Saemaul Undong Center, Rentsendori, the governor of Gobi-altai aimag and 150 villagers from 21 aimags participated in this forum. 


President SO said, “Korean people had implemented Saemaul Undong by themselves based on diligence, self-help and cooperation during their hard times. So they could achieve voluntary development out of overseas aid.” And he added, “I hope Mongolia, our friend, also can accomplish economic development like Korea. Mongolia plays important role in Saemaul Global League which has been founded this year. I’m sure you will make success cases of Saemaul Undong on your own and spread them around the world with in the future.”


Rentsendorj, the governor of Gobi-altai aimag, described, “It is amazing what Korean people achieved through Saemaul Undong. Especially, I highly rate Saemaul Undong in that it has evolved by solving problems which Korea has had each period.”He also added, “As president SO said, I will actively help people to try to implement Saemaul Undong so that they can spread our success story to many other countries.”


Meanwhile, president SO, had a meeting with Sanjmyatav Yadamsuren, the vice-chairman of the Parliament, to discuss implementation and application methods of Saemaul Undong in each district of Mongolia at 09: 30 in the vice-chairman’s office. He also had a meeting with Bayarsaikhan, the chief secretary, at 10:50 in a conference room of National Assembly. They shared their opinions on success case of Saemaul Undong and current Saemaul projects. And then, president SO delivered the special lecture on Saemaul Undong: principles, implementation and success cases in Huree university in the afternoon. After Mongolia Saemaul Leadership Forum which was held at 13:30, he had a meeting with O, Song, the Mongolia ambassador, and dined each other at the embassy at 18:30.