[November 21th, 2016] Nepal will take initiative in implementing Saemaul Undong as a member of SGL
2016-11-23 14:27:41


Nepal Saemaul Undong Center held Saemaul workshop in the Tourist Service Center with government officials and villagers in attendance on last 21st. President SO delivered a special lecture on Saemaul Undong for 2 hours on this day.


He said, “Giving up the idea of depending on international assistance, all of you should try to provide next generation with improved environment by... making a development foundation with Saemaul Undong.”Also, he added, “For this, we, Korea Saemaul Undong Center founded Saemaul Undong Global League on last month. I’m sure Nepal takes the initiative in successfully implementing Saemaul Undong by sharing your best cases with other organization members.” 


Guru Prasad Baral, the president of Madan Bhandari Memorial Academy Nepal, described, “Korea was once one of the poorest nations in the world. But it overcame poverty and has transformed itself into the world’s 11th largest economy.”And he added, “In this regard, Saemaul Undong played a big role in economic development of Korea. Based on Saemaul spirits, we will also implement Saemaul Undong by ourselves and achieve sustainable growth.”


Earlier in the day. President SO also delivered the special lecture for autonomous on Saemaul Undong aimed at major actors and students of Madan Bhandri Memorial Academy Nepal.