[November 14th, 2016] Meeting with the cultural attache of Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission
2016-11-14 18:02:32

Dr. Hesham Khadawardi, the cultural attaché of Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission, and his fellow workers visited Korea Saemaul Undong Center to have a meeting with the president SO, Jin Kwang on last 14th.


Dr. Hesham Khadawardi showed great interest in Saemaul Undong of Korea by saying, “The recent drop in oil prices has had an unsettling effect on many Arab countries. That’s why we’re searching for development model based on self-help spirit.” He, especially, emphasized, “It was a good time to discuss on cooperative measures of Saudi Arabia in implementing Global Saemaul Undong.”


The president SO, Jin Kwang, describe, “Many countries in Asia and Africa have been interested in Saemaul Undong of Korea and they have been applying it to their country.” Also, he added, “Let’s cooperate with each other so that we can accomplish collaborative development for a global world by introducing Saemaul Undong to Arab countries with Saemaul spirits of diligence, self-help and cooperation.”


“It was a very meaningful time since we could discuss the details of the development process and spirits on Saemaul Undong,” Kim, Dong-Eok, the former Korean ambassador to Sudan, said.