[November 7th, 2016] Delegation of HMEC visited Korea Saemaul Undong Center
2016-11-08 16:30:26


Korea Saemaul Undong Center had the Saemaul Undong Training for a delegation of ROK Horizontal Military Engineering Company (HMEC), Hanbit Unit,  including the Minister of Education, the Vice-Minister of Agriculture and Forestry and the Vice-Minister of Labor in Republic of South Sudan on last 7th.


It was arranged by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Hanbit Unit to introduce Korean advanced technologies and culture to the delegation in terms of the training for those who visit Korea to form a strategic partnership for each sector. 

They learned about various activities of Saemaul Undong from 1970s to present  and watched Saemaul Undong archives and documentaries which were listed in UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register by touring the Saemaul Museum. After watching an introductory video of Saemaul Undong, they attended a lecture about Saemaul Undong in Kroea.


SO, Jin Kwang, the president of Korea Saemaul Undong Center, described, “As Zaytun division in Iraq received good reviews by its country for participating in the Saemaul Training and practicing Saemaul Undong, I am sure this training will have positive effects to let people know essentials of Saemaul Undong in the international stage including South Sudan.”Also, he added, “We, Korea Saemaul Undong Center will work hard to make Saemaul Undong become a seed of global peace and development with HMEC.”


“Korea and South Sudan have many things in common. I believe Saemaul Undong can play a huge role in reconstruction for South Sudan. Based on Saemaul Spirit of diligence, self-help and cooperation, we will try again to take a powerful step for our country,”Deng Yai, the Minister of Education, revealed his strong ambitions.