[October 19th, 2016] Korea Saemaul Undong Center had Saemaul Undong Global League Founding Assembly
2016-10-25 14:31:41

Korea Saemaul Undong Center had Saemaul Undong Global League(SGL) Founding Assembly in Alpensia Resort, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon Province.


It has gained greatest attention in Global Saemaul Leadership Forum 2016 which has been holding from October 18th to 20th under the slogan “Waves of Hope, Unity of Global Society.”

Saemaul Undong Global League(SGL) is not only a network among organizations related to Saemaul Undong from all over the world but also a global coalition of private-public cooperative agency in non-racial, non-political and non-religious community development sectors. Saemaul member organizations can pursue the community development and build up a self-reliant community base without relying on outside assistance through SGL. 

SGL will help Saemaul Undong organizations to promote participation of villagers, to cooperate each other for their autonomous management with bottom-up decision-making, to share information and success cases and to find a Saemaul Undong Model in the future. In addition, it is scheduled to support capacity building of villagers and cultivating human resources through training and encourage women and young people to participate in local community project.