[September 23th, 2016] News from Maanyi sub county in Uganda
2016-09-26 16:56:53
Semion Senyange 1.jpg


Semion Senyange who participated in the Saemaul Training for Uganda Saemaul Leaders on last August 23th ~ September 1st brought the news and pictures. He is one of the coordinators in Maanyi sub county.


September report of Maanyi sub county and next plan



1. [September 5-12th]

*Stage- Training SMU village members

*Priority Projects- Recruitment and training of SMU village members at Maanyi village

*Characteristics- SMU village leaders are elected.



2. [September 15-20th]

*Stage- Induction and training of SMU leaders

*Priority Projects- Training for elected village SMU leaders

*Characteristics- Elected SMU leaders are trained.

                           Certificates awarded.



3. [September 24-30th]

*Stage- General cleaning of SMU villages by SMU members

*Priority Projects- SMU villages general cleaning at all levels

*Characteristics- Villages cleaned.


4. [October]

*Stage- Cleaning Project

*Priority Projects- Cleaning Project