[September 19th~22th, 2016] Indonesia makes a start in the study of Saemaul Unong in earnest
2016-09-23 18:11:06


SO, Jin Kwang, the president of Korea Saemaul Undong Center, had a meeting with Nur Aini Setiawati, the researcherof Center for TRISAKTI and Saemaul Undong Studies(the history professor of Gadjah Mada University), on last 21th.



President SO emphasized essentials and main value of Saemaul Undong in the meeting. “Saemaul spirit which means Diligence · Self-help · Cooperation is not a special value just for Korea in the 1970s, but the universal value for all around the world. Saemaul Undong in 1970s had already implemented the good network system in the cooperation process between central government and local government to support Saemaul Undong as a village unit.”




Nur Aini Setiawati said, “That’s a great suggestion. Previously I think the level of income in Indonesia could increase by applying Saemaul Undong to agricultural sector”, and she added, “Now, I realized cooperative spirit is the most important factor and Saemaul Undong can be the biggest asset for the whole world if a new cultural environment combined with diligence, self-help spirits and social capital will be created.”