[August 26th, 2016] President SO, had a meeting with Minister for Planning Department of Democratic Republic of the Congo
2016-08-29 16:40:58
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SO, Jin Kwang, the president of Korea Saemaul Undong Center had a meeting with Geroges Wembi Loambo, Minister of Planning Department, of Democratic Republic of the Congo at the conference room of Agriculture Department on last 26th.


Geroges Wembi Loambo, Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Minister of Planning Department, said, “The economy of South Korea was smaller than that of Democratic Republic of the Congo(DRC) in the past. South Korea, however, currently has the world’s 10th largest economy thanks to industrialization policy and Saemaul Undong. So, our government is deeply interested in Saemaul Undong,” and he added, “DRC government is going to plan policies for community development and try to industrialize through agricultural development in early 5 years. I believe sharing the success experience of Saemaul Undong in Korea can be very useful for our community development.”


President SO, explained, “Saemaul Undong is a movement for LIVING-WELL. Korean government only supported minimal material resources for villagers since it didn’t have enough resources at that time. It depended on villagers to decide what to do, how to do and which projects they implement at first. Plus, the government strengthened ability of villagers with the Saemaul Training and it finally reduced the cost for community development.” He also emphasized, “Therefore, it’s important for government to play its appropriate role at the beginning of Saemaul Undong.”