[August 24th, 2016] President SO had a meeting with the Korean Ambassador to Kenya
2016-08-26 15:57:23
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SO, Jin Kwang, the presdient of Korea Saemaul Undong Center, had a meeting with the Korean Ambassador to Kenya on last 24th.



Kwon, Young Dae, the Korean Ambassador to Kenya, said, “It may take a great deal of time for Saemaul Undong to settle down in Keyna since it’s the voluntary village-unit movement for community development unlike typical ODA,“ and he added, “ however, a deep interest in their mind-set, income increase a...nd national development such as diligence of Kenyans can be a solid foundation for development of Saemaul Undong. Also, Saemaul Undong in Korea was introduced in daily papers for several times, so there is now a drive to apply Saemaul Undong as a development model of Kenya.”


“Saemaul Undong is not merely typical ODA, but the movement to attract participation from villagers by reforming their consciousness. I really hope villagers in Kenya instill the Saemaul Spirits and spread Saemaul Undong all over the country by practicing them for the future,” President SO, described.




Meanwhile, president SO delivered the special lecture on Saemaul Undong at the conference hall in Kenya KOPIA Center in front of about 50 people including experts, government officials and village leaders. He explained Saemaul Undong Project Background, Strategies, Methods, Process and Achievements at the lecture.