[August 23th, 2016] President SO had a meeting with Cabinet Minister of Burundi
2016-08-26 10:57:08


President SO had a meeting with Cabinet Minister of Burundi on August 23th.




Mpfubusa Deo-Bede, the Cabinet Minister, said, “I believe success experience of Saemaul Undong will play an important role in improving living conditions of villagers in developing countries,“ and he also added, “Burundi government will make an effort to attract participation from villagers by applying Saemaul Undong as a community development model."




“When I visited Saemaul Model Villages in the northern part of Burundi, I felt many villagers desire to live well. It was a great chance to show development possibility of Burundi Saemaul Undong Center. If villagers have their ownership and they join together, they can finally practice the Saemaul Spirits: diligence, self-help and cooperation,” the president SO explained.



After the meeting, President SO visited a project site for Saemaul Housing Complex development which is being implemented by Bujumbura village.



About 90 Saemaul members are currently making houses and roads by themselves for developing Saemaul Housing Complex on a land which Burundi government provided for free.