[August 21th, 2016] President SO visited the Saemaul Model Villages in Burundi
2016-08-24 14:08:52


President SO visited three Saemaul Model Villages (Nyamagana, Rugeregere and Mugina Village) in Burundi and encouraged villagers who do their best in carrying out the Saemaul project. 




(1) Rugeregere Village, Rugonbo Commune, Cibitoke Province
◈ People usually lived in a house made of clay and wood in the past. However, after learning about the principles and spirits of Saemaul, they are improving their living conditions by producing bricks, building the frames of a house and covering a roof with slates on their own.




(2) Mugina Village, Mugina Commune, Cibitoke Province
◈ Villagers in Mugina practice Saemaul Undong voluntarily and they have been currently implementing “Project for Rural Village Improvement” by utilizing materials such as cement which Ministry of Community Development supported. Through this project, they could enhance their living environment. Now they desire to pave a main access road to the village and dig a well for drinking water. They have asked for material resources from Korea Saemaul Undong Center related to their plans.



(3) Nyamagana Village, Buseruko Zon, Mugina Commune, Cibitoke Province
◈ Ugandan government supported free cement to the villagers in Nyamagana. With the cement, the villagers built an irrigation canal to supply water by themselves for their farming and now they can double-crop a year. As they can double-crop every year, agricultural production levels also have been increasing rapidly.