[August 10th, 2016] Campaign to promote the Korean Flag hanging
2016-08-17 10:11:44


Korea Saemaul Undong Center performed “The patriotic flash mob dance” throughout the country before National Liberation Day.

About 600 people including members of Y-SMU Forum and male and female Saemaul leaders participated in this event.



It was designed to understand the meaning of the country’s liberation and pay tribute to the spirit of those patriots who gave up their lives for their country in commemoration of Korea’s Independence Day.


Many participants carried out several activities such as building towers for inspiring their patriotism, giving three cheers and performing the patriotic flash mob dance. Also, they presented the national flag and wipes for family use to people.



Especially, “Y-SMU Forum”, the youth organization of Korea Saemaul Undong Center played a key role in performing the flash mob dance along to the songs, “We are the one” and “Again, Korea” so it caught people’s eyes.