[August 10th, 2016] President SO, Jin Kwang delivers the Keynote Lecture at the International Colloquium in Indonesia
2016-08-11 10:25:03


SO, Jin Kwang, the president of Korea Saemaul Undong Center, attended International Colloquium on Enhancing Local Initiatives to Promote Local Economic Development in Indonesia at the Doubletree Hotel in Jakarta on the invitation of Indonesian government and he delivered the keynote lecture on "Role of Local Governments in the process of implementing Saemaul Undong" on last 10th.



"Indonesian government can enhance the empowerment of local people by following the Saemaul Approach. Also, it can lead circular process of cause and effect for local development, even though the government reduces its financial support. The Saemaul Approach will suggest an effective solution to local initiatives and strengthening the empowerment of local people which are the agenda of this seminar," the president SO, Jin Kwang said.

The seminar was co-sanctioned by Minstry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Region and Transmigration and The Knowledge Sector Initiative(KSI) for enhancing local initiatives to promote local economic development in Indonesia.