[June 29th]] Saemaul spirit and principles apply, it will be active Saemaul Training
2016-07-01 15:02:17
“Ashar (”Let’s work together“) is like the ‘Doorae’ in Korea. Instead of relying on government support, villagers should volunteer and take up the initiative. We will work on revitalizing Saemaul training by applying the Saemaul spirit and the Saemaul principles.”
- Abylgaziev Muhammetkalii, First Deputy Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan

So Jin Kwang, the president of Korea SMU Center attended a meeting with Abylgaziev Muhammetkalii, the First Deputy Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, in his office on 29 July, 2016.

“‘Just like Kyrgyzstan has Ashar, Korea also has a similar tradition called Doorae, which means ‘collective labor system.’ It is essential for Kyrgyzstan to restore the heritages and revitalize the communities. Furthermore, rather than relying on foreign aid, it is important to have a sense of ownership, which prompts villagers to volunteer and make their own decisions,” said President So.

To this, First Deputy Prime Minister remarked, “From now on, people of Kyrgyzstan should not ask for government support, but take up their own initiative. Blending two ideas, Ashar and the Saemaul spirit will bring about the positive result. I am looking forward to the Saemaul Undong being replicated from the Kyrgyzstan SMU Center,” the first deputy prime minister requested.

Afterward President So delivered a special lecture, ‘Saemaul Undong based on its core principles’ at the Presidential Academy. This lecture was well attended by  over one hundred central government officials and students.

In the afternoon, the president of Korea SMU Center had a meeting with Kinlay Dorjee, UN FAO representative to the Kyrgyzstan. Mr. Kinlay Dorjee said, “The current FAO project in Kyrgyzstan has a lot of similarity with Saemaul Undong. In that regard, we will do our best to produce positive results by adapting Saemaul Undong to what we do on the field.”