[June 16th, 2016] Closing Ceremony of the Saemaul Training for Burundi · Cote dIvoire · DR Congo
2016-06-17 13:24:45


Twenty public officials and village leaders from Burundi Republic of Cote dIvoire Democratic Republic of the Congo had closing ceremony of their Saemaul Training last 16th in Korea Saemaul Undong Center.


Cho, Myungsoo, secretary general of Korea Saemaul Undong Center, said, “Saemaul Undong can be defined as the national community development movement. By encouraging villagers participations in the communities, we could enhance economy and welfare of the communities and national developments as well. I really hope to see every villages in Burundi Cote d’Ivoire DR Congo where everybody implements Saemaul Undong altogether, contributing to the poverty eradication and the world peace.”


“When we practice Saemaul Undong, I think villager’s voluntary participation is the most important thing. I will do my best to come up with adequate measures to make people participate voluntarily with financial support of the government for effective implementation of Saemaul Undong.” NZISABIRA Jean Bosco, Burundi Saemaul leader, explained.


NGUESSAN Kouakou, the vice-director’s technical advisor of rural development authority in Cote d’Ivoire, described, “I have learned the best way to live with Saemaul Undong. I would like to make Cote d’Ivoire wealthy by spreading Saemaul Undong to many people when I return to my country.”


“It is really good opportunity for me to participate in the Saemaul Training. Through this training, I could learn the process of Korean community development. I will work harder to develop rural areas and eradicate poverty.” YALA MBUENEDIO Dagobert, counsel of UCOOPMAKIN(Kimbanseke Cooperative), revealed his strong ambitions.