[May 19th, 2016] Closing Ceremony of Saemaul Training for Afghanistan · Indonesia
2016-05-24 17:09:01


Eighteen Public officials from Afghanistan·Indonesia had closing ceremony of Saemaul Training for Afghanistan·Indonesia last 19th in Korea Saemaul Undong Center.



Cho, Myungsoo, secretary general of Korea Saemaul Undong Center, said, “Saemaul Undong includes significant spirits which can form peaceful community by cultivating a healthy community. I really hope to see every villages in Afghanistan and Indonesia where everybody implements Saemaul Undong altogether, contributing to the poverty eradication and the world peace.



“We need not just financial support but Saemaul spirits to attract voluntary participation of villagers for rural development in Afghanistan. I will try to carry out Saemaul Undong actively for antipoverty in Afghanistan.” Mohammad Sediq Amarkhil, head of public communications department, described.



Nur Indah Wahyuningsih, head of sub-directorate of rural areas infrastructure and facilities development region I, explained, “It was a big opportunity to learn about Korea and Saemaul Undong a lot during the Training session. I will spread ‘Indonesian’ Saemaul campaign reflecting Saemaul spirits which are diligence, self-help and cooperation.”