[May 10th~19th, 2016] The Saemaul Training for Afghanistan and Indonesia
2016-05-10 17:35:42

  The Saemaul Training for Afghanistan and Indonesia


    Korea Saemaul Undong Center is holding Saemaul Training which aimed at 18 public officials in Afghanistan·Indonesia from May 10th to May 19th, for ten days. 

This training is prepared to implement Saemaul Undong for reducing poverty in Afghanistan·Indonesia and build up sustainable development foundation. Also, it focuses on cultivating Saemaul leaders for each country so that they can practice Saemaul Undong by themselves.



    Cho, Myungsoo, the secretary general of Korea Undong Center, said through a welcoming speech. "I am sure that the success experience of Korea Saemaul Undong will lead you to come up with the useful alternatives that can be utilized in Afghanistan and Indonesia. I wish all of you play a leading role to develop your community and have a positive effect on global cmmunity in the future with Saemaul Undong."



    "Afghanistan currently has structural similarity with Korea in 1970. I sincerely hope trainees from Afghanistan wiill learn Saemaul Undong well and contribute t your economic growth as Kroea had achieved economic development through Saemaul Undong." Gulmat khan Zadran, the councilor from the Afghanistan Embassy in Korea, described.