[April 7th, 2016] The Financial Insurance Commissions in Honduras Visits the Samaul Museum
2016-04-11 11:15:46


Maria Betsabe Franco Maradiaga, the head of delegation and the risk officer of the Financial Insurance Commissions in Honduras, came to the Saemaul Museum with her 8 fellows last April 7th.



They visited Korea to learn about Saemaul Undong which was the foundation of the economic development in Korea and they will plan to draw implication for future policy making and implementation through this visit. It is arranged in terms of ‘2015/16 Project for Sharing the economic development experience in Honduras(KSP)’ and both Ministry of Strategy and Finance and Korea Small Business Institute(KOSBI) are progressively in charge of this project.




At the beginning, the invitees to the Saemaul Museum watched the video of the global Saemaul Undong. After the watching, they learned about Saemaul Undong’s history from its birth and forward-looking activities in the second movement of Saemaul Undong by touring the Museum.