[March 29th ~ April 7th, 2016] Saemaul Training for Kyrgyzstan Makes Life Better
2016-03-30 13:06:47

Korea Saemaul Undong Center is holding Saemaul Training from March 29th to April 7th, for ten days, aimed at 24 officials and villagers of Kyrgyzstan in Saemaul Undong Central Training Institute.

This training is arranged to eradicate poverty and establish the sustainable basis of development as a invitational workshop. Kyrgyzstan will train Saemaul leaders and build up the foundation to gear up Saemaul Undong through it. In addition, it aims at motivating voluntary participation and making self-reliance with diffusing Saemaul spirit.

So, Jin Kwang, the president of Korea Saemaul Undong Center, said through a welcoming speech, "ODA which is based on existing advanced countries could not resolve aid trap and aid fatigue. ODA Saemaul Undong is not merely aid." and he added, "Saemaul Undong has experience in solving poverty and providing people in need with a better environment. I expect all of you to bring great achievement right this Saemaul Training than South Korea did."

“Kyrgyzstan government achieved fruitful outcomes in three model villages with Saemaul Undong, and it held Saemaul Undong Workshop by electing community leaders in these areas. We would like to work together to promote detailed industry for rural area development by continuing cooperation with it.Askar Beshimov, the Kyrgyzstan Ambassador to Korea, described.