[June 23, 2017] Special lecture on Saemaul Unong and visit to SMU model village
2017-06-29 14:44:02


President SO, Jin Kwang of Korea Saemaul Undong Center gave a special lecture on the role of resident in Saemaul Undong on June 23, in front of 120 people including governor of Valle state, mayor of Coray city, director of IDECOAS FHIS, and its relevant government officials, visiting Laguna village in Coray, Valle, Honduras which has actively implemented Saemaul Undong.


Saemaul leader Maximino Martinez of Laguna village said “People in Laguna village have failed to innovate themselves, just depending on various outside aid until now.” He added “We, however, can get not only visible results in terms of betterment in life environment and income generation, but also ‘Can do!’ spirit which is invisible but valuable asset if we solve urgent problems based on Saemaul spirit of diligence, self-help, and cooperation.”