[June 22, 2017] President SO held a meeting with Honduras trainees who participated in Saemaul Undong training
2017-06-28 13:29:34

President SO, Jin Kwang of Korea Saemaul Undong Center held a meeting with 20 trainees who participated in Saemaul Undong training since 2012 and Minister of Instituto de Desarrollo Comunitario, Agua Y Saneamiento(IDECOAS) on June 22. In the meeting, President SO learned Saemaul Undong which has been implementing by trainees who completed Saemaul Undong training in Coray region, Honduras and discussed the effective ways to spread Saemaul Undong through strengthening networking between trainees.

Minister Mario Rene Pineda Valle of IDECOAS which has implemented Saemaul Undong since 2016, ing SMU model villages said, in the congratulatory remark, “Korea continually supports different programs by sending experts to us. We also have made various efforts for independent economic development without any political and racial discrimination.” He added “I hope trainees to strengthen their tie through this visit of President SO, and Honduras practices Saemaul Undong based on its essentials with Saemaul leader’s effort.”


Meanwhile, several major media organizations in Honduras such as El Heraldo and Mivina Channel showed interest in the visit of President SO and asked for an interview with him. 


President SO visited Korean embassy to Honduras and discussed the practical ways to revitalize Saemaul Undong in Honduras with ambassador Shin, Seong Ki on the evening of the same day.


Ambassador Shin, Seong Ki said “Welcome to the embassy! We will be dedicated to supporting Saemaul Undong so that people in Honduras can implement it based on the essentials and core goals.”


To this, President SO, in his response, “It’s one of the important factors to cultivate leaders through invitational Saemaul Undong training.” He added “Therefore I hope Honduras actively practices Saemaul Undong by cultivating many leaders with the training. Also, I believe the embassy will play a key role in establishing and strengthening cooperative relationship between the embassy and trainees.”