[November 26th, 2016] President SO visited SMU self-reliance villages in Mongolia
2016-12-02 18:05:27
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SO, Jin Kwang, the president of Korea Saemaul Undong Center, visited self-reliance villages in Mongolia: Altai village and Bulag village to encourage villagers who have been implementing Saemaul Undong on last 26th.


President SO, said, “I was so impressed by you since all of you have been sincerely implementing Saemaul Undong through coal project and baking project.”He, also, added, “I sincerely hope you record success stories about Saemaul Undong in detail so that they can be registered as UNESCO World Heritage records and spread to many other countries in the future.”


TSEND, a public official of city hall, explained, “We held the training which focused on the importance of cooperation for villagers. Based on Saemaul spirits, we will always try to work together for Saemaul projects.”


“Villgaers in Bulag village are very eager in Baking project which has been implemented since this September. We are going to build signboard for Saemaul Bakery to promote it to many people. Also, we plan to make different kinds of bread for generating our incomes,”Kulsen, the chairperson of Bulag village, said.