President's Message

“ Welcome to Saemaul Undong Website! ”

Welcome to our website.
It is my great pleasure to extend heartfelt greetings to the visitors.
I am Yum, Hong Chul, the 25th president of Korea Saemaul Undong Center.

As you may well know, Saemaul Undong, under the principles of diligence, self-help, and cooperation, once contributed greatly to eradicating poverty and building material infrastructure in Korea.
Now, having come to enjoy a certain degree of economic prosperity, Korea is pursuing a great transformation into a country embodying values that align with the spirit of the times.
This spirit now emphasizes the importance of building a sense of community based on trust and consideration.
Fortunately, many developing countries are benchmarking Korea’s experiences with Saemaul Undong and increasing international exchange with Korea.

In particular, this year, people around the world have become highly concerned about the survival of humanity due to the climate crisis and global pandemic, which is emerging as a major topic.
At the current moment, there is an urgent need to create a “co-prosperous global community.”
We look forward to overcoming COVID-19 as soon as possible and engaging in more active and practical exchanges and cooperative efforts.

Thank you

Yum, Hong Chul

President Korea Saemaul Undong Center